Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy your visit. I would love to hear your comments both about what you read and see on my site and about what you think of my books.

My first book, Footsteps To Freedom, was published in June 2009. It is the true story of Anna, a young Polish woman, who is caught between Nazi air raids and the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. It tells the story of Anna’s courageous, often lonely journey to join the Polish army, via prison, a Siberian labour camp and a collective farm. Click on “Footsteps” for more.

My second book, Broken Warrior, was published in January 2012. It tells the true story of Anna’s husband, Konstanty Dzierzek, who, having lived in England for fifty years, in 1996 asked me to give him lessons in spoken English. From these lessons and from Konstanty’s own memoirs, I have built up a picture of a remarkable life which spanned the whole of the twentieth century. Click on “Broken Warrior” to discover more.

Book number 3, The Man in the Nautical Hat  was published in November 2014. Another true story, it is set  the former Yugoslavia. It follows the early life of Ivan Vesligaj. Born in 1940, his first memories are of a Nazi raid over his village and of British airmen given sanctuary in his home.

I first met Ivan (now known as John) on the local beach while walking my dogs. He had heard that I am a writer and he asked me to write his story. Once a week, for more than a year, John and I sat at my kitchen table while he remembered and I wrote.  The Man in the Nautical Hat is the result.

All three books are available from the publisher, Austin and Macauley. Simply click on the book title to visit the publisher’s website (links open in a new window or tab). You can also order books on Amazon, from your local bookshop or read them on Kindle.

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  1. marie

    Hi Joy,
    it was lovely to see you today. Thanks so much for telling me about the writing group, i look forward to joining if that is alright?
    Really enjoyed reading what you have written, was lovely to find it came about from teaching a man English and sharing his story
    with the world.
    Simply Beautiful.
    Marie x

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